Our offering

Perform all your genomic analyses on a unified, easy-to-use, secure platform that meets all major regulatory requirements

Post Market

SeqOne can manage your entire post-market process, from recruitment and qualification to analysis and reporting.

Clinical trials

SeqOne can provide tools to help you interpret the genomic information of participants in your clinical trials.


We can help you identify patients whose genotypes match your recruitment criteria.

Data management

Our genomic-centric data warehousing can help you better structure and explore your genomic data.

Streamline your genomic operations

Don’t miss
a mutation

State-of-the-art bioinformatic tools that identify complex genomic events overlooked by standard bioinformatic pipelines

Increase your team’s productivity

End-to-end germline and somatic analysis solution that manages the entire process from raw data to the clinical report

Meet quality and compliance goals

Tools to help you meet your quality control and regulatory compliance goals with support for your team in their efforts

Keep your data safe and accessible

Scalable and secure architecture that simplifies data management and meets your security and confidentiality requirements

GeniOS and genomic data management

SeqOne has developed a proprietary genomics OS that we call GeniOS™ that is designed to simplify the collection, storage and exploration of genomic data together with associated clinical information. GeniOS was designed with genomic data in mind which means that it preserves essential information regarding the mutations detected that most other systems aren’t equipped to manage. The result: better, deeper insights leading to more actionable conclusions.

Worry-free project management & support

Our team of expert biologists and bioinformaticians provides world-class support to get your laboratory up and running and to ensure that your team gets the help it needs on a day-to- day basis. We have a dedicated program to help your team secure and maintain your laboratory certification. Once you are up and running, our support staff will work with your team to answer questions that crop up during routine analysis.

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