Pathology lab Cypath uses SeqOne HRD test in clinical routine

Cypath lab testimonial on using SeqOne hrd test-seqone.com

Cypath is using the new SeqOne HRD genetic test : accurate, easy-to-implement & cost-effective

CyPath is a pathology lab performing 0.5 million diagnostics and 4000 cervical cancer tests each year. Discover how SeqOne’s bioinformatics platform and HRD test improved response time and process. CyPath chose to integrate SeqOne’s platform and HRD test to its routine because of its advantages :

  • Faster turnaround time
  • Very low number of non-conclusive HRD test results
  • Less genetic material needed
  • “Agnostic” platform that can be adapted to your own sequencers/reagent kits.

Learn more about SeqOne’s HRD test and download our white paper


Thank you to Cypath for your testimony !

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