Agilent Sureselect CD HRR17 panel validated with SeqOne HRD test

Agilent Sureselect CD HRR17 panel certified with SeqOne HRD test miniature

SeqOne workflow for maximum efficiency and compliance

HRD is a key biomarker to identify ovarian cancer patients likely to respond to PARP inhibitor (PARPi) therapy. It can now be offered by any genetic
lab routinely performing targeted capture, enabling labs to expand testing portfolios and bring tests closer to patients for improved sample efficiency and turnaround times.

Agilent is collaborating with SeqOne Genomics to deliver an analysis platform for the Agilent SureSelect CD HRR17 panel, enabling an accurate, streamlined, fully validated homologous recombination deficiency (HRD) workflow solution.

Building on the new Agilent CD HRR17 gene panel, SeqOne Genomics has developed a clinically validated HRD solution, designed for efficient development in labs that want to deliver HRD tests in-house. The workflow combines a targeted capture panel and LP-WGS that is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of patient volumes and lab configurations. The solution delivers excellent performance, even with samples of low cellularity, and reduces the rate of inconclusive results.

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