How we work together

Patient First

Everything we do is aimed at improving patient wellbeing by developing solutions that make personalized medicine more readily available.


We believe in the power of R&D and invest our resources in building bioinformatic tools that provide more medically actionable information.


Trust is the foundation that fuels collaboration, fosters open communication, and empowers teams to achieve remarkable outcomes together.

Fun works better

We like to work hard and have figured out that our team does its best work when everyone is motivated and having fun.

Our vision

Genomics based personalized medicine will become our most effective weapon in the fight against chronic disease and cancer.

Using the results of genomic analysis, clinicians can more efficiently diagnose patients and in many cases personalize the treatment to precisely address each patient’s unique needs.

Our mission

Making genomic tests as simple and accessible as a blood test for any clinical lab to deliver and thus to accelerate the adoption of personalized medicine.

Personalized medicine powered by genomics is transforming the healthcare industry. For this reason, we are committed to making this life changing technology available to as many people as possible to deliver significant patient benefits.

Employees testimonials



Everybody is kind and benevolent and the welcome for newcomers is very well organized.
I was very quickly integrated by everbody, and everyone is very available.



“The on-site work environment and the premises are pleasant and comfortable. The company favors telecommuting and provides its employees with the tools and environment to work efficiently on site or remotely.”



A very good welcoming committee on the day of my arrival. I had a meal with the whole team and then welcome drinks that same evening, which allowed me to talk with many people in a relaxed atmosphere from day one.



“From the genesis of the project to the present day, Seqone’s vision gives an idea of the present and future objectives. Regular events and implementation of benefits for employees help to reinforce the feeling of belonging.”

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