1. Data up-load

    • Easy to use, secure web-based upload
    • Optional automated data transfer (discover our SDS solution)
    • Direct integration with sequencer and LIMS
    • Validation of uploaded data
  2. Quality

    • Detailed quality report
    • Base-by-base coverage verification
    • Traceability of all events on the platform
    • Configurable quality thresholds
    • Artefact identification

    More on quality

  3. Analysis

    • Somatic and constitutional pipelines
    • Whole genome, exome or panel
    • Challenging variant detection
    • Single or multi-sample (family analysis)

    More on our bioinformatics

  4. Interpretation

    • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
    • Machine learning variant scoring
    • HPO-driven variant prioritization
    • Automated ACMG classification
    • Commercial versions of key annotation databases
    • Powerful variant filtering
  5. Report

    • Automatic import of interpreted variants
    • Pre-filled, editable standard texts
    • Customizable format
    • Export to LIMS or EPR
    • Clear, easy-to-understand format

Fast, accurate results to help your patient

SeqOne’s ease of use makes the power of the underlying technology accessible, allowing users to efficiently obtain accurate and relevant results. From bioinformatics and quality control to security, the SeqOne platform manages the entire workflow of tasks required to produce a clinical-grade genomic report.

The platform automates repetitive tasks to let your team focus on what really matters: the patient.

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