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SeqOne wins prestigious iLab grant to improve genomics analysis software in healthcare

Published on 1 October 2017

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Montpellier 12th of July, 2017:  SeqOne a French start-up in the genomic medicine market is proud to announce that it has been awarded an i-Lab grant by the Ministry of Education and Technology.  i-Lab is a national competition open to all French start-ups designed to identify the most promising technical innovations by France’s most forward-thinking start-ups. The award is associated with a grant aimed at helping each start up to bring the innovation it is developing to the market.

SeqOne is a pioneering startup that provides tools that make it easier for medical professionals to use genomic testing in treating their patients.  It provides a software solution that manages the whole process of analysis, from the raw patient data all the way through to final report, saving time and costs.  “Recent advances in genomic medicine have made it real benefit in treating a growing number of diseases.” Said Nicolas Philippe, CEO of SeqOne.” however the cost of interpreting the raw data is now many times higher than the sequencing itself creating a real barrier. SeqOne is working to reduce this cost differential and make genomic testing available to everyone who needs it”.

SeqOne will use the grant to make the big-data software tools required to perform bioinformatics analysis easier to use, implement new task automation features and enhance quality control and error checking to improve productivity and reduce cost of analysis. The grant will allow SeqOne to hire bioinformatics and big-data technology experts, reinforcing the team’s core competencies in these important disciplines and creating new opportunities in these emerging disciplines.

SeqOne wishes to thank, the AxLR SATT , the BIC, BPI LRI and the Occitanie region for their continued support of the project.

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About SeqOne:

SeqOne is a life science start-up based in Montpellier that seeks to bring genomic medicine into the mainstream by simplifying the analysis of genomic data by offering improved software that manages the entire process of analysis from raw data to final report.  SeqOne was founded by two childhood friends; Nicolas Philippe, a PhD in Bioinformatics and Guillaume Buwalda an expert in highly secure high throughput cloud-based computer systems.  The project was conceived as part of a public research project and was incubated by the AxLR SATT before being spun out into a separate company. SeqOne enjoys the support of AxLR SATT , the BIC, BPI LRI and the Occitanie region and other regional and national players.


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