Seamlessly transition from Agilent Alissa Interpret genomic data analysis software to SeqOne Platform

Seamless transition from Agilent Alissa Interpret to SeqOne Platform

Discover SeqOne, the ultimate interpretation solution and Alissa Interpret alternative, compatible with Agilent wetlab!

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Agilent’s genomic data interpretation software, Alissa Interpret, is slated for discontinuation in the future.

We know change can be unsettling, but at SeqOne, we’re here to make sure your transition is effortless. We’ve developed a plan that minimizes disruption to your genomic testing operations , by transitioning your genomic analysis to the proven, high performance SeqOne genomic analysis platform.

Why SeqOne is the right alternative to replace Alissa Interpret:

  • Ease of Deployment: Our user-friendly interface is designed for quick adaptation, saving you time and effort.
  • Data Compatibility: Seamlessly transfer your data from Alissa to SeqOne platform and keep performing your analysis. Your Alissa Interpret annotations data will seamlessly integrate with SeqOne, preserving your valuable work.
  • Comprehensive Variant Identification: SeqOne’s advanced algorithms ensure no critical mutations are overlooked.
  • Rapid Prioritization: Streamline your analysis with our software, providing tools to swiftly identify the most relevant mutations for each patient.
  • Certified Solution: SeqOne is a certified CE-IVD platform, but also HDS, ISO 27001 & ISO 13485, ensuring the highest standards of quality.

Your personalised Migration Plan

You have developed an efficient process for your lab and don’t want to start again from scratch. SeqOne has your back with a migration plan that minimises disruption and allows you to maintain your current laboratory workflow. Our migration plan includes:

Don’t wait – make the leap to SeqOne today for a future of uninterrupted, advanced genomic analysis. Learn more now about our NGS data analysis solution and AI-powered platform for quick variant prioritization and reporting.

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Published on 12 October 2023

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