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ESHG 2021 Conference – Satellite symposium replay

Published on 7 September 2021

With @Eurofins Biomnis, SeqOne recently held a symposium on CNV detection in exome data, performance comparisons with traditional method and the clinical impact of fast reliable exome CNV detection.


1:27 Prof. Laurent Mesnard, PhD in Physiopathology, MD Nephrologist, Hospital Tenon/Sorbonne University exploring  the clinical impact of fast reliable exome CNV results in adult nephrology,

15:36 Laure Raymond, Geneticist, Eurofins / Biomnis, discussing challenges involved in interpreting exome CNV and performance compared to traditional approaches,

29:48 Samantha Brunel, PhD in Molecular Biology, SeqOne Genomics product expert presenting  implementation exome CNV analysis in clinical routine.  

39:57 Q&A session

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