SFMPP 2021

SeqOne participe au congrès annuel organisé par la SFMPP – Société Française de Médecine Prédictive et Personnalisée qui aura lieu du 29 Septembre au 1er Octobre 2021 à l’Institut des Cordeliers à Paris.

Pour cette édition, SeqOne organise un déjeuner-débat le Jeudi 30 Septembre à 12h45 sur le thème “RCP moléculaire : comment intégrer les données génomiques et l’IA dans le parcours de soin des patients”

Le Dr Benoist Chibaudel, Oncologue médical à l’Hôpital Franco-Britannique et le Dr Daniel Toledano, Généticien à l’Institut Rafaël et à l’Institut Français du Sein partageront leurs expériences sur l’utilisation du profilage moléculaire pour mieux personnaliser les traitements et la prévention

Ce retour d’expérience sera suivi d’un débat animé par le Dr Cyril Sarrauste de Menthiere autour de l’importance de l’interprétation des données et de leur partage, la place de l’IA avec un éclairage juridique sur l’accès et l’utilisation des données génomiques.

Participeront à ce débat : le Dr Jérémie Mortreux (Biomnis), le Dr Etienne Muller (Cerba), Me Carole Henry (Phase 4 avocat), Leslie (utilisatrice de Mon Réseau Cancer Poumon) et le Dr Philippe (SeqOne).

Retrouvez nous également sur notre stand 4 et venez partager un moment de convivialité le mercredi 29 Septembre à 19h autour de notre cocktail de Bienvenue.

SeqOne unlocks the power of Illumina’s TruSightTM Oncology 500

With the addition of the TSO500 pan-cancer NGS assay for genomic profiling of tumour samples, SeqOne now provides oncologists with the most comprehensive genomic data analytics solution for fast, actionable results. 
SeqOne offers a powerful genomic analysis platform capable of detecting the complex variants that are critical to cancer diagnosis and treatment.  

Get in touch and find out how SeqOne can provide more actionable insights from your genomics data  contact@seqone.com.

ESHG 2021 Conference – Satellite symposium replay

With @Eurofins Biomnis, SeqOne recently held a symposium on CNV detection in exome data, performance comparisons with traditional method and the clinical impact of fast reliable exome CNV detection.


1:27 Prof. Laurent Mesnard, PhD in Physiopathology, MD Nephrologist, Hospital Tenon/Sorbonne University exploring  the clinical impact of fast reliable exome CNV results in adult nephrology,

15:36 Laure Raymond, Geneticist, Eurofins / Biomnis, discussing challenges involved in interpreting exome CNV and performance compared to traditional approaches,

29:48 Samantha Brunel, PhD in Molecular Biology, SeqOne Genomics product expert presenting  implementation exome CNV analysis in clinical routine.  

39:57 Q&A session

Would you like to test our exome CNV solution or know more about it?

Contact us today at sales@seqone.com

AMP 2021 – Learn more about SeqOne and its somatic platform

Learn more about SeqOne and its somatic platform that can analyze small or large pan-cancer DNA/RNA panels and TMB, MSI, HRD signature for the therapeutic recommendation

The symposium seeks to explore new trends in genomic analysis for oncology and features a presentation of SeqOne’s soon-to-be-released somatic analysis tools featuring therapeutic recommendations.


  • personalized medicine: a clinician’s perspective by Pr. Pascal Pujol, president of French society for personalised medicine (SFMPP)
  • a glimpse of SeqOne’s patient-centric somatic platform featuring therapeutic recommendations by Samantha Brunel, Product Specialist, SeqOne
  • the Molecular Virtual Tumor Board: SeqOne’s vision for the collaborative future of cancer care presented by Nicolas Philippe, CEO of SeqOne.


“To make personalized medicine a reality, we need to offer patients a comprehensive analysis based on large DNA/RNA panels in clinical routine. We then need to make these genomics results understandable and accessible to all medical experts to facilitate interaction and knowledge sharing that will ensure that patients benefit from the best possible care” Prof. Pascal Pujol stated. 

Genomics is an essential tool in treating cancer, particularly in determining the right therapy. Using advanced machine learning techniques, SeqOne has built a new therapeutic recommendation and geolocated clinical trial association solution designed to give oncologists actionable information.” said Dr. Nicolas Philippe


1:20 A clinician’s perspective: Prof. Pascal Pujol’s vision of personalized medicine and its implementation in clinical routine.

10:45 The SeqOne platform and its evolution for somatic analysis presented by Jean-Marc Holder Director of Corporate Development, SeqOne.

16:40 demo of SeqOne somatic platform by Samantha Brunel product specialist, SeqOne, featuring: 

  • organ-centric patient view, that combines all genomic analyses into a single, unified easily interpreted view,
  • therapeutic recommendation and clinical report generation modules, 
  • visual interpretation tool for analysis of RNA fusions and splices.

24:10 The satellite ends with our CEO Nicolas Philippe, showing future projects, such as the tumor molecular board. 

30:15 Q&A session, questions addressed included: 

  • Which software is used to support tumor molecular board decision making?
  • What are the benefits of large, pan-cancer panels when compared to more targeted alternatives? 
  • How SeqOne uses A.I. in personalized medicine? How does this impact the human role in the equation? 


The SeqOne somatic platform will be launched in September 2021.

Would you like to be one of our beta users? Contact us sales@seqone.com.

Marie Dehem, the new SeqOne EMEA Sales & Business Manager precision Medicine, Oncology

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Dehem to the role of EMEA sales & business manager Precision Medicine, Oncology. Marie is molecular biologist specialized in oncology. She spent several years as researcher before working as business manager and country manager for more than 15 years in several biotech companies (Genoscreen, DNA vision, GATC Biotech and OncoDNA).

“I am delighted to join SeqOne Genomics to expand its business internationally and reinforce its role as a key player in Precision Medicine.” Ms. Dehem stated. “I’m pleased to bring my expertise and network in oncology to this fast-growing company”

Myriam Guiral, the new SeqOne CCO EMEA & Biopharma Head

We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Myriam Guiral to the role of CCO EMEA & Biopharma Head. Myriam has more than 20 years of global sales and general leadership experience that will be critical to the commercial development of SeqOne Genomics. Prior to joining SeqOne, Myriam led OncoDNA’s global commercial team and before that held leadership roles at IQVIA, GE Healthcare, Abbott Diagnostics and Becton Dickinson.

‘’I am really proud to take on a leadership commercial role at this exciting time for SeqOne Genomics as it accelerates its global expansion. The company’s genomics analysis platform is well established in France and poised for international expansion. I will also spearhead the company’s new genomic analysis solution for pharmaceutical and biotech industries.‘’ said Myriam.