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AMP 2021 – Learn more about SeqOne and its somatic platform

Learn more about SeqOne and its somatic platform that can analyze small or large pan-cancer DNA/RNA panels and TMB, MSI, HRD signature for the therapeutic recommendation

The symposium seeks to explore new trends in genomic analysis for oncology and features a presentation of SeqOne’s soon-to-be-released somatic analysis tools featuring therapeutic recommendations.


  • personalized medicine: a clinician’s perspective by Pr. Pascal Pujol, president of French society for personalised medicine (SFMPP)
  • a glimpse of SeqOne’s patient-centric somatic platform featuring therapeutic recommendations by Samantha Brunel, Product Specialist, SeqOne
  • the Molecular Virtual Tumor Board: SeqOne’s vision for the collaborative future of cancer care presented by Nicolas Philippe, CEO of SeqOne.


“To make personalized medicine a reality, we need to offer patients a comprehensive analysis based on large DNA/RNA panels in clinical routine. We then need to make these genomics results understandable and accessible to all medical experts to facilitate interaction and knowledge sharing that will ensure that patients benefit from the best possible care” Prof. Pascal Pujol stated. 

Genomics is an essential tool in treating cancer, particularly in determining the right therapy. Using advanced machine learning techniques, SeqOne has built a new therapeutic recommendation and geolocated clinical trial association solution designed to give oncologists actionable information.” said Dr. Nicolas Philippe


1:20 A clinician’s perspective: Prof. Pascal Pujol’s vision of personalized medicine and its implementation in clinical routine.

10:45 The SeqOne platform and its evolution for somatic analysis presented by Jean-Marc Holder Director of Corporate Development, SeqOne.

16:40 demo of SeqOne somatic platform by Samantha Brunel product specialist, SeqOne, featuring: 

  • organ-centric patient view, that combines all genomic analyses into a single, unified easily interpreted view,
  • therapeutic recommendation and clinical report generation modules, 
  • visual interpretation tool for analysis of RNA fusions and splices.

24:10 The satellite ends with our CEO Nicolas Philippe, showing future projects, such as the tumor molecular board. 

30:15 Q&A session, questions addressed included: 

  • Which software is used to support tumor molecular board decision making?
  • What are the benefits of large, pan-cancer panels when compared to more targeted alternatives? 
  • How SeqOne uses A.I. in personalized medicine? How does this impact the human role in the equation? 


The SeqOne somatic platform will be launched in September 2021.

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Published on 30 June 2021

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