Elementor Forms (DO NOT DELETE) : used for Careers, News (ESHG 2023)

Careers page

ESHG 2023 news: download white paper "Use of A.I. for advanced variant prioritization"

Contact page : Biopharma + Diag

This form is used on the Contact & Demo page : https://seqone.com/contact-demo/

Resource center form

This form is used in the Resource Center’s ressources for gated content.

Graz workshop 20231109

This form is used in the Graz (Austria) Workshop and lunch seminar occuring on November 8th, 2023.
The news : https://seqone.com/news/genomic-data-interpretation-workshop-lunch-seminar-in-graz/

Template form

This form can be duplicated to be used on other website pages.

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